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We are a community of women business owners based in Charlotte, NC. We are now opening chapters for Raleigh, NC, Greensboro, NC, Atlanta, GA, and Columbia, SC. We host quarterly networking events catered to women-owned businesses. The purpose is to network, to increase our net worth! We inspire, motivate, connect, give advice, receive advice, combine resources and uplift one another. We are devoted to women of all ethnicities.

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Stay tuned! We are forming Chapters & Clubs within our organization. Each chapter & club is formed to strengthen women-led businesses, develop connections with like-minded women, and to allow women in our community to build networks within & outside of their city.

Motivational Speaker Brunch 8/13/22

Native of Greensboro, NC, Tigress attended Hester’s Private and Erwin Elementary, Lincoln Middle and Dudley High, before beginning her academic career at UNC Chapel Hill to pursue Environmental Law. Upon an epiphany regarding interdisciplinary education, she transferred to NCA&TSU to study Agricultural Education, Swine Husbandry and Wetland Bio/ Phytoremediation. She studied at University of Georgia during this time, as well, and ultimately graduated from NCA&TSU in 1998 with her Bachelor’s of Science. She took a brief hiatus and served as a Federal Park Ranger at Shenandoah National Park, and then returned to NCA&TSU to complete her Master’s of Science. Tigress completed her Master’s of Science in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, and then headed to the West coast to serve as a Federal Park Ranger at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. She took leave to pursue her PhD after learning that her alma mater had established doctoral degree programs, one of which was inspired by her undergraduate professor and mentor, so she applied, was accepted and enrolled. Today, Tigress is a PhD Candidate in the Applied Science and Technology Department, formerly Energy and Environmental Systems, and has taken 18 credit hours of doctoral Leadership Studies with a focus in Strategic Implementation Planning. Tigress also rounded out her academia, pulling from her original focus, and entered law school in 2019. She is on track to graduate with her Juris Doctor in 2022. Tigress is an ethical Scientist, creative Economist, mindful educator and coach, diversified artist, and aspires to be a transformative licensed attorney. She has operated her consulting firm specializing in Environmental Sustainability, Performing Arts and Business Viability since 2009. Having also professional training and experience and an MFA equivalent in the Performing Arts, a versatilely apt skill set, and a wealth of experience working in community, corporate and academic sectors, being well-traveled, she is grounded, resolved, open-minded, innovative and humble enough to best serve communities toward business legitimacy, viability and enlightenment. It is clear why she’s earned the nickname, “Queen Get ‘Er Done.” Drawing from her parents’ teaching, she knows that her education is not just for her, and rather for the uplifting and empowerment of others. This is why she established the “Busy Ain’t Business” vocational training. She is committed to dispelling disinformation, imparting accurate information and eradicating the intimidating
aspects of business formalities. Sign up and earn your “Q’GED” in Business Viability.TM

Motivational Speaker 8/13/22

Amor El is a founding member of the Moorish American Mecklenburg Society. Her focus for the past 10 years has been mainly on Moorish Science and how it connectsto her community along with Nationality, Homeschooling and Community Building.Recently she has launched her Wellness Business – Knoble Health. Her wellness businesses has been a great addition to her ministry as a life coach by adding overall health to better serve her community. With over 30 years of experience as an Executive Administrator she has stepped fully into her soul purpose as a guide and educator for our upcoming generations. Her focus of studies has been relationships, health/wellness and family dynamicsand how they play a vital role in our self-development, communities, and society. Amor is a native of Brooklyn, New York and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with her family. She has been married for over 27 years; she is a mother of 4. Amor is a Divine Minister and Spiritual Life Coach with over 15 years ofexperience in each. She launched “Conversations with Amor” where, she speaks and educates on the many levels and various dynamics of relationships and howthey have shaped and fostered us as adults. The discussions dig deep into how we have been treated in the past and how these situations have either hindered orstagnated in the growth and success in all aspects of adulthood. The “Conversations” focus on how to identify past hurts and work toward healingfrom them, where they are no longer a factor in life. These techniques will assist inthe reprograming of how you allow people to treat you. Which in turns allows you to be in full control of how you are treated and what your true value is within therelationship. With hard work and determination to improve self, which all responsibility belongs to, (no one is responsible for your happiness but you) will youonly then become stronger in making healthier and more balanced decisions in new relationships, that can and will support you and your true inner happiness and higher purpose.

Motivational Speaker Brunch 8/13/22

Fela Babb is a Native New Yorker with Southern roots. She spent summers during her youth in the Carolinas. She is experienced in credit improvement, debt negotiation, asset recovery, collections, mortgage lending, and real estate.

There are many facets of real estate. She is a licensed realtor for North and South Carolina, a certified probate specialist, a workforce housing specialist, a HUD registered agent, and a North Carolina notary public. She is also a registered NACA agent which adds to her experience in first time home buying, foreclosure, investor purchases, and residential sales. She serves on the board of equalization and review and has also managed, lead, and volunteered in her community, which adds to her persona of a fair and objective professional. 

She enjoys helping individuals and families achieve their real estate endeavors because she believes that it takes “One2Dream.”

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