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Boss Women Connect Charlotte

5 Figure Business Coaching

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Who Is Alisia Hutchinson?

Definitely not just an event organizer! 

Alisia Hutchinson is someone with the mindset, wisdom, and knowledge to achieve consistent 5 figure revenue by placing focus on the core pillars of business with a realistic approach. 

Several new entrepreneurs (including Alisia 8yrs ago) fail due to lack of knowledge, strategy, mindset transformation, consistency & accountability. Having a business coach is a necessity‼️

With 8yrs of entrepreneurial experience, 15yrs in corporate America, and launching 7 different business ventures I discovered my true passions; and how to make a living from them.


Take Action!

You can’t go another year putting your goals & dreams off‼️

You can’t go another moment being stagnant and not progressing your business forward‼️

Commit to YOU 🫵🏾

Learning and growing is a LIFE TIME thing 🧠



Just like a basketball game, practice makes perfect! It’s unrealistic to absorb all the information needed to achieve results in moving your business forward with just 1 coaching session.

As an example, an employer requires new hires to be employed 90 days before being eligible for benefits. Why? It takes 3 months to absorb, understand new information, and practice your job duties to get you to a point where you’re a productive employee. 

Your commitment to yourself & your business requires at least (3) 1hr sessions at your convenience. 


Affordable Coaching 

1hr coaching sessions via zoom for just $100.

*Must commit to 3 sessions, and agree to monthly recurring payments. Your subscription can be canceled anytime after the 3 sessions via your customer portal or by emailing us. 

*Please note that if you sign up for this service you agree to 3 sessions and it must be paid. If there’s a default in payment, you will be invoiced for the remaining balance. You will not be allowed to participate in events until the balance is paid. 

Need more frequent sessions? Try this!