Chapter Membership & Clubs



Over time we realized that we have women within our network who resides outside of Charlotte, NC. 
Based on our current data, theres 5 major cities that stood out: Greensboro, NC, Raleigh, NC, Atlanta, GA, Columbia, SC and of course Charlotte, NC. 

This year we’ve decided to form chapters! Not only that, we’ve formed clubs! We realized every woman within our network joined us for different reasons. These clubs are formed to help each member accomplish their mission for being with us. 

Each chapter & club is formed to strengthen women-led businesses, develop connections with like-minded women, and to allow women in our community to build networks within & outside of their city.

We’re excited to announce that there will be annual award given to a chapter member or members to invest in themselves or their business. 

5% of chapter membership fees will be set aside to do this. 

  •  Enjoy an entire year of being on our Boss Women Directory, gaining exposure to our curated audience of women supporters. 
  • Be able to advertise and interact in our Facebook Group of 3000+ women without waiting for approval. 
  • FREE event entry to select quarterly large-scale women's empowerment networking events.  
  • Upon becoming a Chapter Member, you'll have access to several of our clubs! You'll have the
  • opportunity to select the club or clubs you're interested in on your chapter membership application. 
  • Opportunity to be a brand partner. 
  • Eligible for annual monetary award based upon award stipulations.