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Terms & Conditions

Refunds & Transfers 

We do not issue any refunds for any reason, including medical reasons unless you can submit medical proof. Example: proof of a doctor or hospital visit… Of course, we will not violate your privacy or HIPAA rights and will not request any reasoning/diagnosis of  a medical visit. Again, medical proof is only needed if you’re seeking a refund. Medical proof must be dated for anytime during the last 7 days leading to the event you’re requesting a refund from.  

If you’re not feeling well the day of the event. Medical note should be dated no more than 48hrs after the day of the event. 

We understand emergencies happen at times. We encourage all vendors to have a backup plan in place or have someone who can fill in for you in case of an emergency. 

We encourage any vendors traveling to allow ample time ahead of the event to prepare so that if something happens there’s enough time to resolve the issue or find an alternative solution. 

We host events monthly and it’s likely that you’ll find one that you will be able to attend. We may transfer your vendor fee to a future event, only if given advance notice within 48hrs of the event. Essentially, transferring your vendor fee is taking up 2 vendor spots (1 the current event you’re unable to attend. 2 the new event you transferred to). There’s no guarantee that a replacement vendor will be found. Therefore, transferring to another event will not be a likely option.

Photographic & Video Use

Our events are subject to being photographed and recorded for promotional use. 

Our Rights

We reserve the right to refuse service at anytime for any reason. We reserve the right to change policies, terms and conditions at anytime for any reason. We reserve the right to terminate vendor agreements at anytime with or without cause. 



All sales are final for anything purchased on this website. 



Boss Women Connect Charlotte & Alisia Hutchinson is not liable for any accidents, injuries, or vendor mishaps that may occur during an event. By participating in our events you assume all liability for the items you sell, and any accidents/injuries resulting on your behalf. Vendor represents that they will  have their own business general liability or event insurance by the date of the event. 


We ask that all vendors clean their service area at the end of the event. This includes picking up trash on the floor, wiping up spills, and sweeping their area if necessary. Food & Beverage vendors are required to bring their own small trash can to keep in their area for personal use.  At the end of the event, they are expected to dump their personal trash and take their trash cans with them. 

Our Digital Products 

All digital products on our website are intellectual property of Alisia Hutchinson. This includes video, ebooks, downloads and etc.  Sharing, recording, replicating, or soliciting is prohibited for any parties outside of our organization.  


Terms & Conditions Acceptance

By attending our events, or purchasing on this website; you agree to all terms and conditions.