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Boss Women Connect Charlotte

Community Brand Partnership

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Powered by Ongoing Subscriptions

A community brand partnership is most beneficial for organizations and event organizers that host events on the frequent basis. This is an opportunity to be a brand partner with us and get your women-only events advertised on our website and campaigned to our community. Includes weekly campaigning through email or text marketing. 

All advertisements will include a call to action link directing all purchases TO YOU! 

$39 Weekly campaigning through text.

$99 Weekly campaigning through email & text. 

$150 Event/Organization Publication on our website + weekly campaigning through text. 

$200 Event/Organization publication on our website + Weekly campaigning through email and text. 

*You will need to be verified. 

*Chapter membership or sponsorship required.

*Monthly subscription only.

*Subscription can be canceled at any time.

*1 text & 1 email will be campaigned per week to prevent spamming. We recommend choosing an option that includes publications. Event publications will be added at the menu button. We will not collect any funds on your behalf.