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Boss Women Connect Charlotte


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Powered by Ongoing Subscriptions

Now seeking quarterly, yearly & elite sponsors! 

 You will be personally notified of the event your funds are sponsoring. 

**Please select your sponsor package and select the matching subscription option at the drop down arrow**



Quarterly $60 ($20/monthly)
* Auto draft every 3 months on the 1st of the month.  Subscription commitment of 2 billing cycles. Cancellation upon request by emailing us or logging into your portal. 

Quarterly sponsorships offer benefits for 3 months consecutively regardless of when you start.


Yearly Sponsorship $199.99
*  Eligible to cancel subscription immediately in your portal or by emailing us. If not, sponsorship will automatically RENEW in the 12 months. 

Yearly sponsorships offer benefits for 12 months consecutively regardless of when you start. Take precedence on our free vending opportunities and  get your sponsorship at a discounted rate! 

Elite Sponsorship $500 

* Eligible to cancel subscription immediately in your portal or by emailing us. If not, sponsorship will automatically CANCEL in the 12th month. 

Get all of the benefits of the yearly sponsorship listed above + get your logo printed on our event customizable backdrop that will be used throughout the year! As guest take pictures in front of the backdrop and share their experience, your business will immediately gain recognition.



1.) Promote in Our Facebook Group 

Upon becoming a group sponsor, you’ll be given immediate preapproval to advertise in our Facebook Group unlimitedly without waiting for approval. There are no restrictions to what you can post aside from nudity, profanity, discriminatory content based on gender, sexuality or religion,  politics, or any other sensitive and offensive matters. 

2.) FREE Networking & Vending Opportunities 

Funds collected will be used to sponsor quarterly networking & vendor events where you can be a vendor FREE! Free vending opportunities will be available 1st come, 1st serve. Anticipated time of when we’ll be accepting vendors will be announced in advance. Free vendor opportunities will only be available to sponsors of the previous quarter. Even if you’re not a vendor, it will still be a FREE curated networking opportunity for you! 
*Each sponsor can only be a free vendor a maximum of 2 times per year. 

3.)  Pay it Forward & Uplift
Not only is it a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with others, make sales, and gain exposure for your business; you’re able to help uplift and provide opportunities for another woman-owned business. 

4.) Sponsor Recognition (EXPOSURE)
Get a personalized digital flyer recognizing your sponsorship on all of our social media platforms, website and to our list of email subscribers. 

5.) FREE Swag Bag Marketing 
Add samples and marketing materials to our event guest swag bags at no additional cost. Reach our guest whether you’re present or not!  Items can be mailed to Alisia Hutchinson 9716 Rea Rd. Suite B 1242. Charlotte, NC 28277. 

 6.) Keynote Speaking/ Panel Discussion Opportunities 

Our sponsors are amongst the first to get an opportunity to be a keynote speaker or panelist at the event! A chance for undivided attention of every person attending; bringing exposure and opportunities to you. 


1.) Must be a woman business owner. 

2.) Must have a website, business social media page, or provide some sort of proof that you are indeed providing products and/or services. Our goal is to have a positive group where people can come to and get what they need while supporting a woman-owned business without the fear of being scammed. 

3.) Must invite 20 women to the group. 


What do my sponsored funds cover? 
Collectively with all sponsors we hope to have enough funds to cover the following: 

Event Coordination

Contractor Fees

Keynote Speakers


Marketing & Promotion 

Event Insurance 

Guest Giveaways/Services

Free Light Refreshments 

Salaries to anyone working in our organization 



*All sales final.  
*Please note we do not own Facebook. Our Facebook group is merely an additional outreach source of our organization. If for any reason the group is paused or disabled, you will not be refunded due the other benefits our sponsorship offers and the cause for sponsorship.